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Review: Who Should Buy Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Inversion Table

​With so many inversion tables available in the market, it really becomes very difficult to boil down to the one which matches your requirement. Now, price point is a factor but more importantly it is the specifications which need to be considered first. Choosing the best inversion table which matches your weight capacity is just one of the basic requirements. What is so unique about the Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 Inversion Table? The biggest plus with Teeter Hang Ups is that all inversion tables come with a 5-year warranty period and each product is UL-1647 certified. Teeter manufactures some of the best inversion tables you will ever buy, but we do not go by popularity, we test it and get convinced.


Teeter Ep-560 inversion table is a product from the “Comfor Trak” series of inversion tables which are designed and structured to help in back pain and joint pain relief. This is achieved through precision balancing, stretched grips (patented technology) and innovative bed like design which accommodates pressure points and decompression accessories. This is one of the best inversion tables available in the market in terms of user rating and customization. The quality and safety is guaranteed by the UL Mark. UL Mark is the testimony of safety and quality of any certified product. Better joint mobilization and ultimate control due to precision balancing. Helps in improving the overall health of spine and joint.

​Although EP-560 is one of the best inversion tables around, it might not be suitable for those who have a problem in bending down to the toe level for locking and unlocking your ankles. Meaning this inversion table does not have the “Easy Reach Handle” which is available in EP-950 A bit pricy but well worth the money you spend on this product. Weighs 67 pounds which makes it a bit heavy hence difficult to move around the house.

Main Features Of Teeter Hang Ups Ep-560

​ Comes with EZ Up Gravity Boots: Gravity boots are ankle support designed to help in hanging upside down comfortably. Teeter EP-560 comes with such ankle support wherein you can use these boots for sit ups and squats as well. EZ Stretch Traction Handles: To compliment the functionality of gravity boots traction handles help in stretching and decompression. Traction handles also provide help in oscillations. Trademark Comfor Trak Bed Concept: This design concept helps in reducing pressure while inverting and works as per your body angle to help in joint mobilization. The design is structured in such a way that it accommodates adjustable acupressure nodes and lumbar bridge accessories which you can buy separately. The Comfor Trak Bed is less vulnerable to wear and tear and the surface is smooth which helps in friction less sliding. These beds are much better in quality when compared to vinyl or nylon beds. Owner Manual: EP-560 comes with laminated owner’s manual Modification: Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 is the only inversion table in the market which can be modified with accessories which are sold separately.

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Ease Of Assembling and Quality Of Structure

​​This inversion table comes almost per-assembled so you don’t have to put in much time get the product together. To make your job easier the owner’s manual has all the assembly instructions represented with visual diagrams. Comes with tools to assemble the product. The material used is heavy duty, heat treated steel coated with scratch resistant powder.

Stability Factor
​The base of this inversion table features in built raised grips for prolonged and safe decompression and stretching. Corner legs increase the frame base by 20% which helps in hard grip on hard surfaces.

​​ Locking System
​ ​The foot locking system is designed in such a way that it slides up or down depending on the human height. It also helps in securing a comfortable lock position for full inversion and advanced stretching. Hinges can be auto locked as well.

​1. Height and Adjustment Options
2. Height capacity ranges from 4’8’’ to 6’6’’. (142-198cm)
​3. Weight Capacity: 136 kg or 300 pounds
​4. Assembled weight of the inversion table: 76 pounds

​​ Dimensional Factors and Ease Of Storage

​ ​This inversion table is 47 X 29 X 6 inches and easily foldable for storage. When folded the dimensions are 20 X 28.75 X 66. Accessories Some of the accessories which can be purchased to enhance your inversion therapy experience are: Acupressure Nodes: In simple terms these are “Buttons” which are available in two sizes and two density options and can be inserted anywhere along the Comfor Trak slots. This provides additional support to the muscles of the spine. Vibrating Cushions and Heated Neck Pillow: This inversion table is equipped with 10 vibrating motors at 10 different places along with two heated neck pillows. These two in conjunction help in muscle relaxation for a better inversion experience. Lumbar Bridge: Helps in providing support for traction on lower back. EZ Angular Tether: Helps in deciding different angles of inversion to exploit maximum benefits of inversion. Pre-set angles of 20, 40 and 60 degrees.

​ ​The warranty on Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 is unmatched by any other company. An extensive 5 year warranty on all parts and components. You also have the free look period of 30 day money back guarantee so that you can test the product and buy with confidence.​

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